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Uninsured Abstracts of Title

The guarantee of each Abstract of Title displayed below is invalid.

The Certificate Sheet of each guaranteed Abstract of Title listed below states: "A New York corporation, for a valuable consideration to it paid, GUARANTEES to the record owners of an interest in or a specific lien upon the premises..."

If payment is not made for a guaranteed Abstract of Title, the guarantee becomes invalid. As a result, the validity of each Abstract of Title displayed below is also rendered invalid until payment is received.

Last update: 2023-08-25

Index of Invalid Abstracts

County Name(s) Address(es) TaxID Balance Due Abstract No. Invoice No.

Tylilo, LLC has acquired past due debts from Vanguard Research & Title Services, Inc. (formerly 24-Hour Record Retriever & Abstract, Inc.) and Empire Research, LLC

Both Vanguard Research & Title Services, Inc. and Tylilo, LLC do not have the abstracts that are being referred to. Return of an abstract to either of these entities, does not have any impact on the debt that has been assigned to Tylilo, LLC. The return of these abstracts does not change or eliminate the debt owed to Tylilo, LLC.